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FrontPage- Feb-March

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Blackboard 12-11-23


Welcome to ECOMP 5007, 21st Century Teaching 

Click on your name below to go to your wiki page and add information to your page. 

  1. Once you are on your page, select the "EDIT tab" at the top of the page. 
  2. Click where you would like your text to go in the table and start typing. 
  3. To add a picture or a file to the wiki, select "Images and files"  in the right hand sidebar.
    1. Select - Upload files
      1. Again click on the wiki where you would like to add your picture or file. 
        Resize pictures by dragging the corner box when the picture is selected. 
      2. Then click on the filename in the sidebar that was uploaded. 
        It will automatically be added where your cursor was clicked. 
  4. Click on "Save" at the bottom of the page when you are done. 







Click on the brochure below to preview and give

feedback to the creator of the brochure.   It will take

you to a website named "YouBlisher" where you can

preview both sides of the document.   To actually give

feedback, select the person's name below.  Scroll to

the bottom of their page.  You can add comments

in the comment section. 


Please give all feedback in a positive and constructive manner. 

Barrios Allan R  


Technology resources for ELLs



Buzard, Bryan

Buzard Brochure 

Apple iPad classroom uses



Clouse, Chad M.    

 Visual Resources-Chad

An Educators Guide to Visual Technology



Cockrell-Gibbs, Andrea C.




Davis, Jody S.    


Information on resources for OHI



Leshore, Tammi M.



Piggott, Cameron A.

Brochure Cameron 

Methods to Engage Students with Special Needs using Technology



Scarborough, Cheronda L.

Autism Brochure.doc  


Watts, Ryan

Brochure-Ryan Watts 

Assistive Technology for Students with Mild Disabilities



Westermeyer, Jennifer L.    


Information for parents and students on ADD and ADHD



Wolotsky, Gayle G.

Brochure Wolotsky 

Using an iPad as Assistive Technology




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